Caption Muhammed Usmaile & Zahara Bekre Husband and wife, he is the forest guard. Muhammed ôPeople can get the wood freely but they come to take more than their fair share. There is another guard who looks after the nursery while I guard this forest against the thieves that could come. Some people come to graze their animals and take wood, others destroy the juveniles, children come to play and hurt the trees. Someone came to steal wood 4 years go and struck me on the head. He had come to steal it and intentionally hurt me before running away. I have a regular patrolling time and my children help me too. I patrol the whole day and anytime in evening often staying out until 9pm or after dark.oe ôBefore I was given oil and wheat from Oxfam for this work. Now I donÆt get a regular income but instead the community gave me half a hectare of land for me to grow and harvest my own crops on, such as maize. Together through the forest income we have bought 190 oxen and cattle and given them to those who need them badly. Maybe weÆve saved about 30, 000 birr.oe Zahara ôI work together with my husband. We have had an intimate association and understanding from the very beginning with these trees. I know them and have benefited from when Oxfam came to us. I have my own living so I am happy û this is because of Oxfam, they have helped us.oe ôOur community can manage this forest now but we did like working with Oxfam. We have the capability but if it is possible we want Oxfam to come back and work with us as we have additional needs.oe ôThese trees have changed the land, changed the air, changed the soil. Our whole life has changed as before it did not look like this, it was a dry land, uncomfortably dry. You couldnÆt hear the trees. We only used the land for grazing. The land was like a child without a parent.oe, 9968786
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