Grosse Hufeisennase (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum) / Greater Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum)
Titel Grosse Hufeisennase (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum) / Greater Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum)
Caption Greater Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum). Wingspan with up to 40 centimeters this bat is the largest European species of horseshoe bats. The species is regarded in Germany as threatened with extinction. Its name comes from the special shape of their nose. The supreme nosepiece, the tip pointing upward between the eyes is called a lancet. The middle part of the nose that runs like a vertical bar is called a saddle. At the lower end of the saddle are the nostrils, which are funnel-shaped encircled by the horseshoe. The irregular edge of the horseshoe features this animal as a senior individual (life span 30 years), young animals have smooth empty margins. The special external anatomy of the nose is less the sense of smell rather than the forms of a sound cone . The horseshoe bat calls through the nose and molded it with their help a sonar beam in the ultrasonic range. , 4252866
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