KCMC Moshi
Titel KCMC Moshi
Caption KCMC Moshi, Visual Impairment, VI School is out for today – finally, Jesca says with a sigh when leaving the school compound to walk the long way over sandy streets home. “We had Kisuaheli lessons today”, the 10 years old girl says. She shudders with a little laugh. “I like science more!” What she can’t remember: Six years ago it wasn’t sure that she will be able go to school at all. But Jesca’s parents remember only too well. When Jesca was 4 years old she came home from playing one day and cried. Her eye had be injured somehow. Her father Emmanuel Phillemon Mollel immediately packed his daughter and brought her to the nearest hospital. But there were no eye specialist so they recommended him to take the next bus to drive 2 hours to CBM-funded eye hospital KCMC in Moshi. And Emmanuel did. The diagnosis: a rip in her cornea which lead to a traumatic cataract. Jesca was blind on one eye. But ophthalmologist Dr. Gordfrey Furahini operated the girl – with success. Afterwards she could see again. All this comes back to the mind of Emmanuel (37) when he looks at some photos that show his daughter at KCMC six years ago. He stops talking when he looks at one picture after another. Then he says silently: “When I see these pictures I remember how worried I was back then.” He looks up and smiles towards his now older daughter. “But now she can see!” Then he reaches a photo where Jesca wears a blue cap – and he laughs out loud suddenly. “Oh, look at this! You won’t fit into this one anymore, won’t you Jesca?” Curiously she also bends over the photos and together her parents and she look at the pictures, lost in memories for a while. Then Jesca has to do her homework. English, this time. She writes an essay while sitting on the bed she and her younger sister sleep in together. Afterwards her mother sends her to fetch some water from the river nearby the house. Only one thing she doesn’t like to do: “I never feed the chicken”, Jesca says. “I am afraid they pick at my eyes.” But despite that she helps her mum at the household. And of course she loves to play with her friends outside whenever she has time to. All these things she could not do without seeing well. But most of all her parents are proud how good Jesca is doing at school. “Her teachers say she is good”, Emmanuel says. Jesca just smiles shyly. “I like going to school”, she says. “My dream is to become a doctor one day.” Her father nods. “My dream for Jesca has come true already six years ago when her eye was healed.” But then he smiles. “But of course our dream is also that Jesca becomes a doctor. And she is on the best way, being so good in science, isn’t she?” People on pictures: Father: Emmanuel Phillemon Mollel (37), 11069264
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Ort Moshi
Land Tansania
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